Thursday, January 27, 2011


She dreamed of the day things were different between them
But she realized she must be tender with herself, and how things are now
She wished with her whole heart that his eyes had a different view
But she realized she must concentrate first on what it is she sees
She hoped beyond hope that he just gave her a chance, a moment, a brief sliver of time
But she realized that if he did not desire that, than that is how it was meant to be
She just wanted it to be easier
Not hurt so much
Not take so long
But she knows the universe is hard at work
And she can surrender to that thought
Things have a way of working out
They always have and they always will
And when that day comes
She will then cross over


Lisa G said...
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Lisa G said...

Surrender. What a beautiful word.

Sending love tonight, hoping it hugs the hurt just a little bit.

Daydream Retreat said...

This is how I felt after my last break up and as soon as I "crossed over" I met the man I will soon marry :) What a beautiful poem, even with its sadness

kelly barton art + design said...

your wisdom is there girlie.
but it is hard when the emotions
are too. but you are where you need
to be.

rachel awes said...

oh my heavens
i am more with you
then i could ever express.
jennifer, beautifully worded.
you are sooo my soul friend!

Kolleen said... beautifully put.

loving you so much!
sending you some warmth from cali

chrissy said...

wow brave girl...
i absolutely LOVE how your beautiful mind speaks.
so grateful for you.
you amaze me.
you WILL cross over.
you WILL.

Mariel Proulx said...

Your bravery, your love, your patience... will conquer all. Take care of yourself and your life's gems. You're worth that attention, that care and that protection.

<3 to you, in all that lies ahead.

Karen D said...

I love your words Jen.. balm to the soul.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, I would love to get together for an art day!

marilyn said...

i just love you so much dear friend