Friday, January 07, 2011


In this moment I am so grateful for
... my little apartment
... music that makes my feet wanna dance
... conversations with friends far away
... criticism
... a knowing smile
... chai tea
... laughter
... working

What are you grateful for?


vivienne said...

love this!!!!

today i'm grateful for
~sparkly purple thrift store finds
~skype (to be able to look friends in the eye)
~cozy sweaters

and oh so grateful to know you!

elizabeth said...

i love this!

(also, i love the blue of your walls. i need to paint my spare room this year - clearly i must get me to a store soon and look at paints.)

today, i'm grateful for
- chipotle
- not being able to do something online so that i could learn what i didn't know (and was good to know) from the helpful rep
- my favorite 12-year-old sweatshirt with the holes
- a respite from the chill

kelly barton art + design said...

today i am grateful for....

-hands that hold me up from far away.
-the warm cup of joe sitting next to me
-my instagram app
-bryce bringing me my glasses
-and the image of you in this bitch cap. dang you are cute.


Lisa G said...

Love this picture of you :)

I'm grateful for:
Our warm home
Our bills being paid
It's Friday :)

Have a great weekend!

rachel awes said...

in this moment...
your question,
the sound of a fan,
the hug of a dark sky,
quiet in the house,
a glass of water,
& poetry.

patty said...

Wow - love that look on your face... so determined!
I am grateful for:
sun coming in the window
a quiet house with no workers
craigslist (just sold a bunch of stuff!)
anticipating an end to these bare floors next week
this morning's sunrise
all the love i just discovered over on our unearth page!

happy weekend to you, sweet thing!!

Karen D said...

today I am grateful for the night to be spent with good friends over thai food and pinot grigio!

Ellen aka Ella said...

I'm grateful for my family
for coffee n' tea
for egg foo yong
for friends, bloggging and
those in my daily world
for our beautiful planet
for music-the universal language
for art that inspires daily
for words that delight and
make me wonder
for working towards a goal
for warm hugs and kisses
and toasty toes in a blanket.

yogiknitgirl said...

Today I am grateful for reading your blog today and for having shared Squam with you. I am grateful for to you!

tricia said...

today i am grateful for...
supportive friends
the courage i've found
warm socks
my snoring basset hound
our fireplace
kindred souls
and YOU. ♥