Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Transported back

view from above while being transported back

She sat there
With pen in hand
Moving effortlessly across the paper
She was being transported back
To another time
Another place
To the person she was before

The feelings were real
It was as if she were there
Everything happening right in that moment
She was submerged deeply back into this world

Grateful for everything
Feeling so incredibly lucky for the experience
She was able to see how far she had come
And smile for all that she had gone through

The powers of pen and paper
Unfolding directly in her hand
Transporting her back
Teaching her about herself
Pushing her forward


kelly barton art + design said...

i love seeing your words, sometimes i think i might
just know the story. it makes
me smile. i think back on the last
three years and getting to see
our tribe moving forwards, walking
each of our walks. it is pretty
dang amazing.

you my girl, your steps are getting bigger and bigger.

Lisa G said...

"Teaching her about herself
Pushing her forward"

Love love love that part.

Rock on, Jennifer :)

patty said...

Well, I love that you are still using "pen and paper"... nothing quite like it! Especially like the "powers of pen and paper unfolding directly in your hand." Keep those powers goin!! I love reading your words. XOX

Kolleen said...

your words seem to flow out of your pen and onto your
paper with such ease and grace.

i love reading your words.

i love you.