Saturday, January 08, 2011

we must

We must tell the truth of our story
Share all of the pieces that make up who we are
We must show ourselves to the world
Perfectly imperfect
Exactly as we are
Because we are beautiful creatures
Creating magic wherever we go
Just by being ourselves

We must open up our hearts and soul
Allow them to let beauty and goodness to enter
We must not be afraid of this
Soak it all in
Embrace what is before us
Then share it with the world

We must breathe deeply
Letting it all in
The happiness as well as the sadness
Each of these things balancing out the other
Show them all to the world
Wear them proudly
So that you can let others in

We must be true to ourselves
Each and every day
Standing tall in who we are
We must

~How do you show yourself to the world?


BonnieRose said...

utterly fabulous.
Love love love. xo

kelly barton art + design said...


Kolleen said...


boy oh boy do i just love you.


Karen D said...


stefanie renee said...

wow girl - leave me speechless.


melissa said...

you are amazing! xoxo

Daydream Retreat said...

I show myself to the world through my actions, my art and my blog :)

Great poem and great question!

jen said...

Thank you thank you. Exactly what I needed to hear today. I was actually going to your blog to reread don't write. Thanks for your inspiration and empowerment!

eric gabriel said...

agreed... and in progress of writing out my story, not easy for it's very dark at times, but worth the effort I'm sure. Also inspired by your "Sit next to me" maybe someday I can tell you my story face to face... only spirit knows for sure
peace and much love to you

mindy lacefield said...


so this is another poem that reaches the depths of!

i'd love to share this with liz and perhaps read these words at the "create magic" retreat....or if you come to the retreat i definitely want you to read this. it fits so so perfectly.

you speak what i feel. i sometimes can't express it in words....but somehow you are there to verbalize what i'm feeling. its like you read me from deep down.

your words touch me like no others....remember that!

love you love you

Michele from Pipi La La said...

I hope that you won't mind me printing this out for my teenage daughters.

So beautiful.

liz elayne lamoreux said...



Donna said...

So absolutely reaching to the heart...thank you!

K8 said...

Love this. :)