Thursday, January 20, 2011

reach out

I was soaring through the sky
Feeling light
Flying gracefully
Soaking in the view
It was beautiful

Until I started to plummet
Unpleasant words entering my ears
Frustrations building up
My stomach twisting into knots
I could feel the darkness creeping in
A crumbling crash from my incredible high

I knew I had to take control
Otherwise it would spread wildly through me
I reached out to a friend
Removed myself from the darkness
And grounded myself into my light

We cannot travel on our paths alone
Sometimes that small moment
That brief encounter
That contagious laugh
Is all we need to bring us back
But we cannot get that
Unless we ask for help

We are never alone
There is always someone there
Who will help us along
Hold our hand
Listen to our stories

Reach for them when you feel yourself falling
They may not be able to tell
How deeply drained you are inside
Until you share it with them
Open yourself up to them
Allow them to be there for you

It is during our most vulnerable times
That we deeply connect
Allow yourself to be seen
Even in your darkness
That moment of truth
Will lead you to the light


rachel awes said...

sing it,

kelly barton art + design said...

i see that that blossom of yours is still blooming. those petals
are stetching to the sun.

Lisa G said...

Gorgeous words and truth. Love this.
Glad you have found lightness again.

jen mcgown said...

synchronicity again sister - thank you.

melissa said...

ah very true. xo

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful photo to go with this poem. You're speaking of allowing yourself to connect, and here we are, connecting via cyberspace. It's interesting how those connections have become so large in our lives, but you're right that we can't deny the ones up close.

valerie said...

oh so very true! can't wait to reach out to you and catch up...
love, love, love,

jin said...

Thank you for the reminder
so beautifully
x x x

Ellen aka Ella said...

This really spoke to my heart today!
Especially these lines, "even in darkness, that moment of truth will lead you to the light"~
Great post!

Kolleen said...

can i get an AMEN!!!

this is so BEAUTIFUL Jen.

and so are such a gifted writer. it blows me away!!!!

i love you so much!

K8 said...

so true...that it helps to open up & let others in...but hard, at the same time (for me, anyway). :)