Sunday, December 04, 2011

sacred spaces

It was the small spaces she had to carve out
The ones specifically meant for herself
A trip to the coffee shop
A stroll around the pond
A tiny alter deep inside her closet
It was these sacred spaces that she needed
To keep herself aligned
To continue moving forward
Merging together with another requires some thought
Care and attention to detail
The journey of each others hearts cannot be lost
They must be taken into deep consideration
She knew she had to create these spaces for herself
There are some things she cannot compromise on
And although he might not understand it
He respects this sacred ground
He is happy to see her smiling
Dancing around the room as if she were a child
This brings delight to both of them
As together they each soak in their own sacred space


marilyn said...

oh lovely girl, i see you dancing and love you more. heart FILLED with visions of you smiling together in your own sacred space. filled.

Ella said...

Beautiful, I love the last line and how your words saturated one's soul~

happynik said...

So true. So beautiful. What a lovely reminder for me and something I'm working on. Thank you.