Saturday, December 17, 2011

beauty surrounds her

She wanted to know how I got here
What path I took
How I knew what road to travel down
But the truth is you never know
You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other
You do not know where you are going to end up
In fact there are moments when you think you will not even smile again
But you do
You always do
There is always a rainbow on the other side
A gentle hand lifting you up
Pointing you in the right direction
Individuals you never dreamed of are there
And they guide you
They help you to heal
And they open up your eyes to amazing beautiful sights
Things that were in front of you this whole time
When that dark cloud of gloom was following you around
But sunshine has peeked through and for the first time you can see
And you are in awe of the beauty and love that surrounds you
You realize how magical this place is
How much beauty is around every corner
And all you have to do is wipe the sleep out of your eyes to see it
Yours eyes are open now
So incredibly wide there is beauty around every corner
And you are grateful
So incredible grateful
For wearing your heart on your sleeve
Putting yourself out there
And continuing to step deeply into the umknown
Life is filled with so many unexpected surprises
And you are soaking in the glory or each of them


thisgirl said...

i love that you have been one of the colorful stipes in the rainbow i see everyday. and the days where i can't. you are there it is@

Shelly said...

That is truly beautiful! Thank you... I needed to hear that right this second!

Shelly Norris