Saturday, December 24, 2011


I was looking forward to releasing all that no longer served me from the minute I read about it on Pixie's blog.  What a perfect way to end the year and to let go off all that I have been carrying around.  I do not have a fire place or all the beautiful materials that Pixie created her bundles with.  But I had a piece of paper, a pen, a silver bowl, a lighter, a loving boyfriend who so willingly joined in, and an intention.

After many long working hours we sat outside beneath the awning on the deck as the rain trickled down.  The cold air waking me up each of us sat with our thoughts.  Quietly we let the pen pull the words from deep inside.  Dredging them up and giving them a voice.  We let it all spill out.

Tears filled my eyes as the pen pulled out these feelings...I am not good enough to be a teacher...The inner struggles of taking the next step in getting my writing out there....And letting go of the darkness I have been carrying on my shoulders.

It felt so freeing to let them each speak as I wrote them down.  He lit his piece of paper first, then mine.  It was beautiful watching them each burn.  The smoke rose into the air taking all of those words with it. The fears, the struggles, the darkness.  All of it drifted away from us.  He put his arm around me and pulled me in close.

Doing this with him was beautiful.  I am able to stand in my own shoes each day wearing the clothes that are truly mine, and he stands besides me, loving me.  I love that he took the time to write his own thoughts down and released them from deep inside.  Everything about that was beautiful.

I feel lighter now.  Ready to welcome 2012.  I also feel incredibly grateful for all the adventures I was on in 2011.  It was a beautiful L.O.V.E filled year and I  feel like the luckiest girl alive.  I stand here with my palms open welcoming the light.

This will definitely become a yearly tradition on each Winter Solstice.  Releasing, reflecting, and stepping into the light.  Thank you Pixie, for opening my world to this beautiful ceremony.  


Karen D said...

what a beautiful release ceremony and how special that you shared it together.


Kolleen said...

so so beautiful my friend.

"i stand here with my palms open welcoming the light."



ps... i love that you are loved for are a gift and deserve nothing less!!!

Ella said...

Beautiful Jen, thank you for sharing and so happy love found you~
What a wonderful release a ceremony to detach and move onward~
Happy Holiday to you n' yours!

pixie said...

So beautiful. I can see you in each others arms shedding and embracing. You're a treasure, Jennifer. A big ole lumpa gold waiting to be birthed under the Mayan Sun. xoxo 4ever.

mindy lacefield said...

pixie sure has been a huge influence with so much releasing going on these last several days. i did mine (with a couple friends) last night. it felt go. i watched the bundles turn to ash. and it was empowering.
and YES>>>> you are good enough to TEACH yes!!!! i see this. i see you there. believe it sister.
i love you. thanks for being there for me these last few years. you have been a magical blessing! all my love, and happy new year.