Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the beginning of the aftermath

Dealing with the aftermath is never easy
Speaking aloud the fears I am navigating through
Scares me more than the fears themselves
Feeling isolated and alone
As love swirls around me
Trying so hard to engulf me in it's essence


Lisa Gonzalez said...

I feel alone and isolated this morning, too. Sending a hug from here to there.


Mindy Lacefield said...

my love swirls around YOU now. love you.

Karen D said...

You are loved xo

kelly barton said...

i am joining mindy with the love swirling. sending a bit to karen and lisa too.

jen gray said...

i love you .... wish you lived closer... xo

marilyn said...

the love swirling part, count me in. sending hugs too. you are a treasure

Kolleen said...

i am swirling all about with our other sisters.

you are so loved ... so, so, so loved.