Sunday, December 11, 2011

the beauty of gathering

Sharing our stories is what it is all about.  Sharing deeply who we are, the struggles we face, the roads we travel.  Sharing our dreams, our heartache, our insecurities.  Sharing all of it.  This is what is truly magical.  It takes strength to show up exactly as we are.  Five pounds heavier than we wished, dust on the floorboards, fears of not having anything of value to add.  But we show up none the less with our hearts on our sleeve.  And we are seen for exactly who we are.  You with your wide expansive heart,  your wise business sense, your adventurous spirit, and your quiet wisdom.  Love, pure love swirling around as paint get whisked onto paper and things get glued down.  Hearts opening, truths revealing themselves, and supportive love holding everyone up.  Realizations unfolding that we are all the same and we all are fearful of something.  Each of us sees that we are our own harshest critiques.  But as we gather we hold up the mirror for one another.  Reflecting back the beauty that we see in each other.  This is magic of gathering.  Sharing stories, making art, laughing, crying, and showing up.


Karen D said...

Yes. gratitude for you and the mirroring we all held up for the other and ultimately ourselves.. gathering shows us we are not alone and we all have gifts to share.


Kolleen said...

i love to gather with you!!!

it is such magic and your words depict it so beautifully ... as always!!

loving you so

aimee said...

i loved seeing that piece in evolution. so happy to know you. let's gather again!

Kelly Berkey said...

beautiful post;-)

Lisa G. (Happy Mama) said...

It was comforting and uplifting to be with you all. I can't wait to do it again.