Sunday, August 29, 2010


Self portrait session to let the light in

I have been quiet here for awhile
Hiding deeply within myself
Not coming out much to play

Darkness was swirling inside me
My inner demons were fighting
I was struggling to float to the top

I am still swimming my way up
Reaching for the clouds
Pointing my head towards the sun

But I am now wearing a smile
Replacing those tears that were falling
With the sound of my own laughter

This dark place is not an easy one to be in
Especially when you are not sure why you are there
Or how you even got there

It is a battle between yourself
And most of the time the darkness is winning
Fighting strongly against the light

I must continue to remind myself
This to will pass
And I will come out on top

I can fight this
I can win
I will feel whole again


kelly barton art + design said...

we will get there together sista~!

i am amazed at how many are dealing with
the same things. again...must be mercury!

remember this. i adore and love you.
here if you need me.


bella said...

Hi, pretty! It's nice to be smiling again.

Kolleen said...

YES you will!!!

i adore you.
i believe in you.
i am always here for you.

all my love

marilyn said...

you are beautiful. your soul shines even while darkness swirls. sending a huge hug and a flashlight. i love you brave strong honest lady of my heart.

patty said...

Dearest Jennifer, you are reminding me of a Native American proverb I read yesterday:

"The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears"

We have ALL been there! And we are all here ready to boost you back up! I love that you are pointing your head towards the sun. I join with the others sending you love, light and support if you need it!!


Ellie said...

I love your pics; Your beauty shines through! We all have dark cloud days; I am happy you are seeing through this and know it is just a storm, it to shall pass!
I think being creative causes a lot of ups n' downs~ It is part of the process...don't let the dark side bring you down. You will see shadows, reflecting the light of your soul. Hang in there! Sending you love n' hugs~
;-D xXx

chrissy said...

that brave smile says it all.
whenever you doubt.
look back at your brave smile
sweet soul sister.
love you



Gloria said... secret is movement. I you tubed yoga and I am doing a little everyday .Its so good and dont stop riding your bike even if its cold ride..move ment saves me every time. The other thing is yes letting yourself feel the sadness but try not to get stuck I mean fight ok I do little field trips with my camera and I dance naked by myself in the bathroom..I do it even though I dont feel it because after a while I feel you jen

liz elayne lamoreux said...

just love the self-portrait session to let in the light.
and you are doing it. living it. letting the light in. yes.

sending love and light-ness...