Sunday, August 15, 2010

if you let me

If you let me
I would hold your hand
Listen to your thoughts, fears, and dreams
Cheer you on
Nudge you forward
Be there when you need a shoulder to lean on

If you let me
I would circle you with love
Open up your eyes to reveal to you
The person that I see
Who is strong, tender, brave
Enjoying each moment of this life

If you let me
I would stand besides you
During your darkest hours
And your greatest triumphs
Feeling so proud to know you
And honored that you let me in


patty said...

Lovely words from your tender heart. Oh - and I love the little pine cone!

vivienne said...

i really needed to read this right now.
you are incredible my friend.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

how i needed these words tonight.
(thank you)

Kolleen said...

**** sigh ****

i just love ya!!!


ps....hope you got my message the other day!
would love to connect soon!!!

Ellie said...

Wise, wonderful way with words!
Love the tiny pine cone and how we all play such an instrumental part in each others' lives.~xXx