Friday, August 20, 2010

In this moment

To be honest with ourselves is hard work and it requires us to be brave. We will not always like what we see. But we cannot accept it, let it go, and move on unless we recognize what it is. To recognize something may be easy. The hard part comes when we must forgive ourselves, let go, and move on.

Today I must forgive myself for the way I acted. Because of my lack of belief in myself I said things that I did not mean and acted in a way that was not true to my souls genuine way of being. I must begin to believe in myself. Understand and grasp my self worth. I must realize that what did unfold was a great blessing to me because it is an incredible learning experience.

I became rattled and shaken up. Things were stirred up that I did not realize were there. And that is good to see, to recognize, learn from, let go of, and move on. Stronger, braver, wiser.

The universe knows that I am in a stage of vulnerability. It has been pushing people towards me that I need right now. People that know me, see me, and are pushing me to see myself. What a gift that is. I am so extremely lucky in this life.


chrissy said...

oh my dearest friend.
i have MISSED you!
missed your wisdom.
your honesty.
your rawness.
your recognition of all good things in life.
i hope you DO see yourself every once in awhile as i see you my sweet sister.
hold your head high.
i love you oddles.

Gloria said...

oh..Jen..I feel like everywhere I go I have been hearing this honest with yourself gloria..its hard and for me its a little bit of a let down. I wold like to think that what I am is enough but man I would love to be more and more..I think I dont kow I am right were your words say you are but I am hoping that i ust listen to who I am and feel it when we come out on the otherside we will be more complete, stronger and here is the key what we think is not enough now. will be. Its all in our head, we are enough we just have to believe it..its there for us to you g

patty said...

Jennifer, someitmes your wisdom just astounds me! I mean if everyone could really get what you are saying here and could actually view difficult circumstances as tools and learning experiences instead of whining about them, what a better world it would be! Your words need to resonate all throughout the universe - just keep on putting them out there!! Big loves and hugs to you!!

Ellie said...

We all have moments when we are shaken and stirred. It is a gift to see yourself, allow yourself to follow the path to your authentic self! Hang on; You are amazing and
have a lot of people who care! Small steps are needed for your soul.
Be present and aware as your gifts present themselves~ xXx

elizabeth said...

I was just watching a movie and the dad told his son (about wine and people) that we're all stronger in the broken places. It is, no doubt, true, but it's not always easy in the moment.