Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shook Up

I have been carefully examining each item on the shelf
Dusting it off, deciding if I really need it
Tossing it if I do not
And placing it delicately if I do
I thought I had everything in order
Arranged so beautifully
But something came along and shook it all up
Things fell to the floor
Shattered into a million pieces
And I am not sure how to clean it up


beth said...

i hope that something....in a million pieces...can be fixed.

thinking of you sweet one....

Gloria said...

one thing at a time my friend. Jen its ok not to clean it up al at once too. Take your time..

tricia said...

gloria is right...one thing at a time. it will all be fixed. ♥

Ellie said...

I hope you can find the intention glue and give it a go to rebuild the
fragments! Your soul will repair, be gentle with you and remember you are loved! xXx