Tuesday, August 10, 2010


LBI, Barnegat Lighthouse

It was a brief moment in time
Not lasting more than a couple of hours
But during that time something in me shifted
I did not realize it was happening
So natural, so easy, so radiant

A new light was shed inside me
Thoughts, ideas, and feelings blossomed

I see things differently now
Viewing myself in a whole new perspective
Feeling the motion of the world more peacefully

Looking back I can see
That it was in those moments that I was truly myself
Breathing in the adventure of life
Standing deeply rooted in who I am

Beauty surrounded me
As I simply existed
Just as I was meant to do


bella said...

This - is beautiful. I've been enjoying coming here to read your words.

mindy lacefield said...

dear jennifer, it has been a while since i've visited your beautiful blog. i love these words about being in nature and the simplistic feelings that evolve. you amaze me every time i come here. love you girl!

Kolleen said...

your writing NEEDS o be read by many.

and i mean...
my dear friend!!!!

love you oodles

elizabeth said...

A lighthouse seems so perfectly apt for your words.

Gloria said...

Jen....You are a poet that speaks to my soul and moves it in a direction I did not know existed..I love your brain..it makes magic....

Ellie said...

I love this one; I'm from the lighthouse state! Great reflection of the meaning and the emotional
attachment to these rare beauties~