Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Spinning around and around
Unsure of landing my feet on the ground
I thought I was brave, ready to take the leap
But here I spin

Am I afraid to stand
Feet firmly planted on the ground
Soaking in my hearts desires?

Am I afraid to speak
Using my voice, my words
Saying out loud what I truly long for?

I thought I was fearless
Flying through the air
Facing all that came my way

But have I been avoiding the truth
Have I been hiding behind my shadow
Only showing an illusion of myself?

Feeling lost and confused
Trying to steady myself on the ground
Looking to see deep inside of me


Claire said...

I find digging my toes into grass or sand helps ground me. But then, sometimes it is fun to spin (for a little bit). :-)

Kolleen said...

spin away sweet one....
when you get dizzy and
feel like you are going to fall....
we all WILL catch you.

don't be afraid.


and i am ALWAYS here for you!!!

all my love

Michele said...

Maybe you just need to find your nest and rest for a bit. There's a lot to be said for flying but there is also a lot to be said for self care. Turn off the computer, grab your journal and a cup of tea and everything will become clear.

Then leap and get ready to soar once more!

Ellie said...

Quiet time, alone with your heart, pen and paper...allow your feelings to come to the surface. Your voice needs to be heard~

The Bumpy Life said...

It's often the things that mean the most to us that become the hardest and scariest things to express. You have come so far Jennifer. You are so very BRAVE! Take the time you need and then....find your breath, let the light into your heart and go forth with conviction. We are all here for you, whether or not you're flying or falling. Let us all hold your hand.

you can do it! i know you can.

i believe in you!

Steph said...

Sending you steadying, peaceful vibes...