Sunday, August 08, 2010


Let the light shine on you
Feel it's warmth
Soak it in
Stand up tall
Listen to what it is whispering to you


Ellie said...

Hi Jennifer,
This is lovely; reminds me to stand, be brave and don't let the wind distract me. Listen, to the whispering of your soul, as you sway towards the light, reflecting your true gifts!

patty said...

Hi, dearest Jennifer, Light is what it is all about! It's certainly that way in photography, but it has so many metaphorical meanings as well and layers of application to life. Thanks for this reminder - lovely as always. Hope you are basking in the summer sunlight!!


Robin Norgren said...

Lovely words...inspiring and encouraging

beth said...

oh how i love this one.....and i always try to listen :)