Thursday, September 02, 2010


My days have been hectic
My mind running in every direction
Coming to dead ends
Not sure where to turn
Spinning in circles
Feeling hopeless, lost and sad

Emotions swirled around inside of me
I could not seem to calm them
Or hold them long enough to examine them

The other night
As I curled under my covers
Just about to lie down
I felt something
It was a blue glow
Right there in front of me
It felt so real I could see it with my eyes

A feeling of comfort washed over me
A smile came to my face
I felt calm and at peace

The light whispered to me
"You are ready now, you are ready now"

I am not exactly sure what it was
Or maybe I was dreaming
But since that night I feel calm
Relaxed into myself
An inner peace is holding me gently

Each time I close my eyes
The light is there
Reminding me that
I am ready


marilyn said...

yes! yes, you are.

Gloria said...

Oh..Jenn, You are perfect..

valerie said...

what a beautiful post from a beautiful soul. you are seen, you are held and you are loved at every point upon your journey. you are ready!

Ellie said...

At the beginning you reminded me of the eye of a storm! I love how you are ready now and calmness has appeared! I agree, we need to relax into the inner peace we feel and know it is there for us, when you(we)need it! xXx

Georgia said...

I love this!

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

patty said...

I wrote down a quote yesterday - actually just a few words that grabbed me from a longer quote . Funny, whenever I do that, I seem to find so quickly the perfect application for it and, what do you know, here it is:

"there is silence under the chaos".

You have stated the same concept so beautifully. I'm so happy that you found your silence in your blue light!