Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrate you

We are each on a journey
Traveling deeply into it
Struggling at times
Laughing at other times
But always, always growing

Time passes by quickly
Before we know it a year is gone
And we have traveled through so much

Just look back a year from today
Now look back a little bit father, and a little bit father
Go ahead read the very first blog entry you wrote
I'll wait. . .
How about you read the one you wrote this time last year,
or two years ago

My how you have grown
Celebrate that
Celebrate the things that brought you down
And the moments that lifted you up
Celebrate each of them
For it is these moments that make up you
And you are who you are is uniquely beautiful

Celebrate that,
Absolutely celebrate Y*O*U!


Karen D said...

this is great... and take some time to celebrate you.

jen gray said...


patty said...

Dear Jennifer, thanks for this lovely reminder. I plan to do a lot of celebrating and looking back in the next few days with friends that I haven't seen for a long, long time at my class reunion! It is truly amazing how time flies, and you are so right. We need to pause now and then and just soak it all in. Beautiful words, beautiful YOU!!

Kristin Dudish said...

What a lovely post - I'm so glad I found your blog... such wonderful & inspiring words.

Gloria said...

Hi jen, Thanks for the sweet note of you can do it..I love this post its perfect from my today. I love you Jen and I cant wait for us to be together again one day. I think your write we only have today and we need to celebrate our life..because life is good.