Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I let go

I sat by the river
Collecting my thoughts
Pulling out all the things that were lurking deep inside

I sat there alone for a long time
Listening to the sound of the water rush by
The voices of nature eased the words from my soul

For to long I have been gripping these things tightly
Things that no longer served me
Things that were not mine to own in the first place

I knew it was time to bid them farewell
But I also wanted to honor and thank them
They were each their for me in the moments I needed them

So I let my pen do the talking
Naming each of them and giving them praise
Showing my gratitude for what I learned during our encounter

Then with love I said my goodbyes
Letting them know that they were off on another journey
Destine to find someone else that needed them

I did what I had to do
To heal this piece of me
I let go


sonyamacdesigns said...

Thank you for shareN these beautiful words ...
they spoke to me today and this line I love
The voices of nature eased the words from my soul

" M " said...

Wow! thats beautiful poetry .I definitely feel your words , letting go is a test on our souls indeed , Im faced with that test almost everyday , writting and art journaling is so good for letting go, thanks for inspiring : )

Ellie said...

I am so happy you performed this ritual, to release clutched memories.
Memories that were tangled in your heart and needed to be set free.
Free to allow new pathways to open, as you journey towards the essential you! You being open to what lies ahead~

valerie said...

so very beautifully shared!

K8 said...

Nature has a way of solving everything if you give it time, doesn't it?

suzanna leigh said...

Beautiful, and so what I need to hear and to do right now!

Gloria said...

Do you know how amazingly beautiful you are ? You have one of the most beautiful souls..EVER

Lis said...

a really wise observation - that beliefs, attitudes were initially in place for a reason (to protect us) but now they are no longer needed, we've grown beyond them.

love your blend of images and words here! and thank you for your kind words on my blog regarding Squam. i love how it continues to connect me to like-minded souls!

xo Lis

elizabeth said...

Ah! I have been looking for ideas for rituals of letting things go. I really like yours. I might have to use it myself.

The sound of water - and nature in general - is so very healing.