Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Memories: Beach Volleyball

This summer I got to spend some Saturdays waking up bright and early, traveling down to the shore with Brian, and spending the entire day on the beach watching him play beach volleyball. I love that he invited me to go down with him. It was such a nice experience. Driving down together. Chatting in the car. Discovering new music. Watching him play. Learning more about him. And soaking in some sunshine and a couple of naps on the beach. Life is incredible.

I am so honored to call Brian my brother. So proud of the life he has created. Brian finds the joy and fun in the everyday things that encompass his life. He is always willing to play, laugh, and have a good time no matter what it is he is doing. He is his own person. So strong, caring, and loving. He lives life enjoying what he loves doing and is passionate about so many things.

I know that if I ever needed anything Brian would be one of the first people there for me. Over the past couple of years we have gotten closer and it has been such a wonderful blessing in my life. I am also lucky that I work close to where he works. It gives us the chance to get together for lunch. There is no better way to break up a day at work than sharing lunch with your older brother.

Not only is Brian an incredible brother to me but he is also a loving husband and an amazing father. I look up to the relationship that he has with Laurie and hope to one day have that for myself. They are so kind to each other and that is so extremely important. I just adore watching him interact with Hannah. It makes my heart swell with pride. I knew that he would be a good father, but to watch it unfold in front of me is incredible.

Having the opportunity to spend time with Brian this summer was one of my favorite memories. I am so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing older brother to look up to.


patty said...

Jennifer, what an amazing, sweet tribute to your very special brother! Don't know if you know this, but my husband is a beach volleyball coach. He coaches junior high and high school girls and is so good at it - it is really fun to see. He played on the beach for many years (sometimes to the exculsion of working!)and has always been enamored with the game! Loving your summer memories!!


chrissy said...

brothers ARE blessings.
i know.
i have three.
i love you dear sister.