Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pressing on

I stand here in the thick of it
Wondering how it got to be this way

Is it written on my forehead
And I cannot see it?
Is it a part of me, always will be
And I need to accept it?

How did it get to this point?
Who was the one directing the traffic?

I do not like standing here, right here
I am not meant to be in this place
I need to keep moving
Traveling to the places that free me

I am the one directing the traffic from now on
I will not accept what currently is
I will keep pressing on
Until I arrive at home


Ellie said...

I hope you arrive home, soon!
We all get distracted, from time to time. Keep traveling, your soul needs to find it's path towards home~
I think you are getting closer..the compass of the heart, knows. We just need to listen to the gentle whispers of our soul; Do not dismiss them. xXx

Jane said...

Love your blog! Found you via Chrissy. These are words that resonate with me for sure. Sometimes I think I've focused so much on finding the right direction that I missed the little side road that I was supposed to take.

mindy lacefield said...

its amazing where you'll end up if you just listen. keep searching. love you.

Gloria said...

i love that i know you and that your so real ..alive and true,,,