Sunday, October 03, 2010

Showing up

I show up here 
because it is food for my soul
A space for my mind and heart 
to purge all the contents that are swirling around

I show up here
because I know no other way
This page is a canvas for me to paint my words on
A blank slate to open up into

I show up here
because it is here that I feel seen
I am freely able to express my thoughts, ideas, and feelings
With unwavering support from others

I show up here
because it allows me the ability to connect 
with myself and with others
It is here that I know I am not alone

I show up here
and I am so glad that you show up as well

Thank you for every time you visit
And for each comment you make
Reading what you have to say lights me up inside
I see you, in all your beauty

I show up here 
to feel the connection we all have
We are never alone, ever


elizabeth said...

"We are never alone, ever"

and that is such a wonderful thing.

thank you for showing up here and sharing yourself with us. it is beautiful to witness.

Ellie said...

I love this sentiment; I think sometimes we are alone with our thoughts, but usually not. Most thoughts involve someone else, too~

I am glad you showed up here to allow your voice to be heard and to empower us with your words~ xXx

Marilyn said...

and i'm thankful that you continue to show up here. look at those archives in the've been showing up for FIVE+ years! i'm so glad we found each other years ago, even though i haven't been a very good commenter lately. when we lose our way, the first step is just to SHOW UP...and let the rest take care of itself. it's inspiring to me that you manage to do that because i struggle with it myself. much love. xo

suzanna leigh said...

lovely words!