Monday, October 25, 2010

To see clearly

Mindy's beautiful ring. Nags Head, NC ~ squam by the sea

She had to look through
Someone else's eyes to see clearly
She needed them to reflect
Back what they saw

She did not see it in her
She did not even know it was their

It was the vision of another
That opened her up to herself

Without them looking
She never would have
Saw it
Without their eyes
Hers would still be closed


Karen D said...

Beautifully said and I know exactly how you feel. I wrote a poem recently and the first line went "To be in community, to see myself in their faces"

Next year I would love to attend Squam by the Sea it seemed magical.
So happy to hear you saw the true you.
Karen D (from NJ)

curious girl (lisa) said...

thank you for reading my thoughts and making poetry of them. this is just so beautiful.

mindy lacefield said...

hugging you in the sand and watching your face as we talked on the couch really solidified my love for you and the magic that is between us. i love you! so much.

kelly barton art + design said...



Ellen aka Ella said...

I hope you hold the magic in your heART and share when you are ready~

Happy for you!

Kolleen said...

oh Jennifer....i LOVE this!!!!

it speaks volumes.

i adore you and love you dearly!


marilyn said...

full of joyful tears and tenderness for you <3<3

jin said...

This is so beautiful, Jennifer.

elizabeth said...

beautiful. so glad you saw your own beautiful reflection.

Amy said...


Wooden Chest Studio said...

You won the giveaway on my blog! Congratulations, I need your address!

chrissy said...

love it.

melissa said...

Oh I love this! So beautiful!

stef said...

this is so awesome - thank you for sharing so much of yourself.