Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I stand here

I stand here
In an unknown city
Falling deeply into myself

There are parts of me that hurt
Pieces that feel broken
But I stand here

I stand here
Submerging myself into the moment
Refusing to answer any questions

Because it is here where I belong
Traveling down my path
So I stand right here


Kolleen said...

stand and trust love bean!

it is all going to be okay

sending you hug love!


chrissy said...

falling deeply into yourself is the safest place you could land my sweet dear friend.
stay the course (i borrowed that from kolleen)
love you

patty said...

Sweet Jennifer! "Submerging into the moment" and knowing where you belong (even with the broken pieces)... you are way ahead of the game, my dear! It is all going to be all right - I just know it!!

Big LOVE to you.....


Ellie said...

You are traveling down the path to your self; Hang in there and stand firm, you will find your way~xXx

suzanna leigh said...

This post and the last are an interesting contrast. Where are you? Oh, I know how this works! One opens up, gets to a whole new place, then one needs to go deep inside to adjust to the newness.