Tuesday, May 31, 2011


An inner dialogue is always running through my head
At times the words spoken are not kind
Carrying daggers
They stab me in the heart
Making me feel like I am not good enough
It is my own voice that is speaking
Why is it so hard on me?

Words flow from my heart for others
Lifting them up
Holding them gently
Carrying them through the storm
But when I look in the mirror
And speak to myself
The words are not kind at all

It is in these moments
That I am so grateful for my "trues"
The individuals in my life who see me for exactly who I am
And reflect it back to me when those dark voices start to speak
They usher in
And fight off my inner daemons
I do not even have to ask for there help
They just know
And like angels they appear

I am so incredibly blessed
To have these beautiful souls in my life
Holding up a mirror to me
And gently opening up my eyes
When I am unable to see


elizabeth said...

i know that dialogue. i remember when i realized that no matter what anyone said to me, it would pale in comparison to what i said to myself. goodness. why do we do that to ourselves.

so glad you have people who can reflect your true radiance back to you.

kelly barton said...

jenngirl....this is so so deep and true. i love that you push yourself
to look in that mirror, to be honest.i do it too. and i amhappy that i have my "trues" very happy
that you are one of them.

yogiknitgirl said...

Sweet Jennifer;
You are a beautiful person inside and out and I am honored to call you friend. Your words are written with such truth and light and even though you are feeling that they are just for you; your honesty rings true in the lives that read your words as well. Thank you for writing from your heart . . . I cherish the woman you are becoming. Sending you blessings!

patty said...

Jennifer, I so get it and wrote about this very thing on my blog recently. One of the good things about the voices is that if we face them honestly, then take it a step further and share them with others.... it not only clarifies things for us, but opens us up to connection and support from fellow travelers. Because we all have them... but not everyone is able to put themselves in that place of vulnerability to talk about it...keep on putting it out there.... XOX

Deborah L. Tisch said...

Loving what you wrote here, Jennifer. So profound and so true. How blessed we are to have friends that will help us see our real selves. Thank you for sharing these words.