Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nothing stays the same

Everything in this world changes
What was important to me a couple of months ago
Has since shifted
Moments have passed
People have come, and gone
Different circumstances surround me
Different conversations take place
Each day is something new
I am usually good with embracing change
Moving forward
Stepping into the world with excitement for what is to come
But lately I have been unsure of my footing
Questioning all of the transformation that occurs
Thinking about how fleeting things can be
What was once new and shiny ultimately loses its luster and begins to rust
How do we know what to believe in when the world is constantly changing?
What can we trust?
Is there anything we know for sure?
How can we know where to step next when tomorrow it could all be gone?
Some questions, unfortunately
Do not have any answers
Still my mind races
Trying to figure if there is anything I can believe in


beth said...

i've had many of these same thoughts....xo

K8 said...

I hear ya. when I get like this I always find nature so rejuvenating/relaxing/inspiring. Getting out & going for a walk in the trees...breathing in the fresh air...is so soothing..

elizabeth said...

I decided that I believe in things like love & kindness and that I don't know anything else for sure. It makes it easier.

Wishing you peace.


mindy lacefield said...

change, to me, has always been scary. but those scary changes always seemed to work out in the end. i think its the not knowing what the outcome that frightens me the most. i feel like i'm not in control anymore. the older i get the more i feel i can hand over to God or the universe.

love you!

chrissy said...

first of all this photo is one of my most favorites.
change IS scary.
but it is necessary to grow our faith.
where do you want to place your faith?

know this...

i will ALWAYS love you and that will NEVER change.
hugging you in hours.


artistaprilcole@gmail.com said...

The one thing that is constant... is change. :]
Beautifully written & the photo is perfect for the poem.
Keep them coming...