Thursday, July 25, 2013

online class :: love notes special delivery

Ever since I was a little girl I kept a journal. Scribbling in it long into the night then tucking it safely underneath my mattress so that my brothers wouldn't find it. Those pages held all the thoughts of my latest crush, what I really thought about high school, and what I dreamed my life would be.  Showing up on the page was easy.  It never spoke back, never judged, and alway allowed me the space to just be.

This September I am embarking on a new journey with the page.  A five week adventure that I hope you will take with me.  Together we will explore how we hold ourselves back from showing the world our best selves.  We will send ourselves loving notes, and dig deep into the light that we shine in this world.  We will then take that love we have in our hearts and share it with those around us, and our community.  It is going to be a brilliant collaboration between ourselves and the blank page which will not stay blank for to long.

Each Monday - Friday a bit of inspiration, a story, an assignment, or creative adventure will arrive in your email mailbox.  Providing you the tools you need to begin your own relationships with the blank page.  A relationship that once forged will open door ways to your heart.

The page saved my life.  And I know if you give it a chance it could help you heal many pieces of your own heart.

Come along with me from September 15th - October 19th for Love Notes Special Delivery.  An online writing class that will open the door to your heart.  Together lets journey through different writing exercises and uncover the love that is deep in our hearts.

What:  An online writing class

Class Objective:  Learn how to show up to the blank page and not be intimidated to tell the stories that we have tucked into our hearts.  Discover the healing powers of writing by telling these stories, letting some of them go, and moving forward as our best selves.  

Where: Online, self paced class.  Lessons are delivered directly to your email box.  You are able to go at your own pace, go back to pieces that really resonate with you, and use the lessons over and over again.  

When:  Starting Sunday, September 15th  for five weeks

Why:  Because the page can save your life.  Opening your heart to writing can bring you back to yourself, help guide you in a new direction, and give you space to dream and grow.   

Cost:  $49 USD


Glenda Hoagland said...

Jennifer, I will be in China for the first two weeks of this class, how long will it available after the last day?

Jennifer said...

Glenda -- going to China so fun! Enjoy. The lessons will be arriving in your email inbox so you will have them forever :)

Maura said...

Oh so exciting to read about this!