Monday, July 08, 2013


Together we go out and capture the world
Each catching things the other didn't see
A new angel
A different perspective
A site that was just around the corner that the other didn't turn down

It amazes me to see the beauty that we each capture
How different our views of the same place are
I go for the details
He dives into the bigger picture
Together we bring home something unique to ourselves

The world is an expansive space
Each of us finding our own way in it
Navigating, capturing, seeking, and finding
The roads we take are filled with possibility

The wheels in my head are spinning.  This may be the start to a little collaborative project between him and I.  Seeing what the other didn't see and sharing it here.  Hmm.  We shall see where this goes.


kelly barton said...

love the image.
love the color.
love that you share.
love the story.


Aunt Patricia said...

Would love to see a collaborative project - very interesting how each person views the same thing with such different perspective.
You had got to keep publishing your writing - it's amazing.
Aunt Patricia

Roban said...

This is a wonderful post, Jennifer. And the photo is gorgeous. It sounds like a fun collaboration!