Tuesday, June 28, 2011

what is this?

"I like this" you say.  I am completely unsure what 'this' is, but never bother to ask for clarification. 'This' encounter over coffee.  Sitting, chatting, but never really getting to the heart.  Staying gently on the surface, with me revealing more about myself then you ever will.  Is 'this' what you like?  I chalk it up to you just wanting us to be friends.  It seems so long ago that we held one another in a deep embrace.  Our lips touching and the walls of our hearts coming down.

You keep repeating the words "I like this" and my mind has still yet to understand what 'this' is.  'This' ... what is this?  Two strangers getting together for brief moments in time. Awkwardly sharing stories.  Occasionally sending little messages of hello.  There were moments before this one.  When we were both completely open.  You showed me glimpses into your heart and made space for me to be in your arms.  We equally shared our stories gently pulling one another in.

After the music died down you slowly stepped away bringing space between us.  And now here we stand.  I try to put together the pieces of the puzzle, but nothing seems to fit.  And the only words I have to work with are "I like this"

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Ella said...

Sorry Jen, this sounds like a difficult time. It takes time to reconnect, rebuild sometimes. One person lets fear enter and then the view changes and they back off. Hang in there, this may change...or ask
like what?! Press a bit to see what is said, question "this"...xXx