Sunday, June 12, 2011

finding my way home

Feeling very out of touch lately
With myself
And the world around me
Running from one thing to the next
Spending more hours that usual working
Not giving myself time to rest, process, breathe

My body brought on the warning signs strong this weekend
Forcing me into bed when I had other plans in mind
Sucking me of my energy
Bringing on strong waves of pain

Why does it take all of that to slow me down?
Why do I run so quickly?
Push myself so far?

I am not a superhero
I cannot do it all
Even if I want to

I am just one person
I can only do as much as I can do
There are times when I need time to just be
To stop for a minute and breathe in life

So now I need to find my way back to myself
Turn on the inner search light
And seek out the girl who has been running
I need to clear my calendar and schedule in some time alone

I have not picked up my pen in awhile
My heart and soul are yearning for me to write
There are so many words and feelings that want to come out
So many lessons I have been learning
That need to be expressed

So the search is on
To find my way home

1 comment:

yogiknitgirl said...

Sweet Jennifer;
You are home . . . so many friends that love you and truly miss you when your presence and your words are not with us. You have given us so much! Be well my friend!