Monday, June 27, 2011

taking a new way home

When you do the same things all the time
You get the same outcome
When you mingle with the same group of people
Take the same way home
Park in the same spot
Live inside the little box of comfort that surrounds you
Well, life will be same

And that may not be a bad thing
It is predictable and safe
But it does not open up the door for new opportunities
New chance encounters
New adventures or sites to be seen
It simply is what it is

And some days that is exactly what we need
We need to get what we expect
We need to know what is coming around the bend next
We do not want to be surprised or come onto a little hiccup
That spins us out of control

But there are other days when we crave adventure
We long for deep conversation with strangers
Want to get lost and have to figure out a new way home
These are the days when we want to live on the edge
Take the risk
Be wide open to whatever may come our way

I tend to lean more towards the days where we do not know what is coming next
So I take a different way home
Park in a new spot
Spark up a conversation with a stranger
And really listen to what the world is saying
It is these days where the unexpected brings complete joy
New friendships are sparked
And beautiful memories are created


patty said...

Oh, very insightful, my dear!! And yes, it is a balance for sure. And if you are married to someone who is one way, it can be a challenge to be the other way... I love your thinking!

Anonymous said...

thank YOU for the new friendship

glad i found my way to your neck of the woods / web :)

Jane said...

Beautiful words and I agree that life is full of adventures that we very often don't expect but need in order to expand ourselves.

kelly barton said...

i love coming here.
i always take a deep deep breath of yes.

Ella said...

This was beautiful, such a wonderful way to look at life~ I hope life is good for you~xXx