Friday, June 17, 2011

Paris anyone?

In my mind I travel to far away places all the time
I can easily transport myself
To a place I have never been
A destination I long to see
Deep into an experience I wish to have
My mind has a way of wandering off
Day dreaming, my third grade teacher would say
And my vivid imagination makes it easy for me to feel like I am there
I love getting lost inside these moments

But it is even better to jump on a plane
And arrive in an new place
Be greeted by unfamiliar faces
And explore all the new things my eyes are seeing

So when I have the chance to enter a contents
Well, you can be sure I entered
And you should enter to
Because when you travel anyone
You return changed
In a good way
And that is a beautiful thing

1 comment:

Kelly Berkey said...

gwynnie b just got back from paris, are you familiar with her blog?? the photos are amazing!

i'm hosting a giveaway, so please stop by if you can! xo