Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a year filled with love

A Year Filled with Love from Jennifer Belthoff on Vimeo.

It is amazing what unfolds
When you choose one word to focus on for the entire year
The adventures that word takes you on
The doors it opens for you
And the beautiful memories that word creates with you

LOVE was my word for 2011
And it is was a year filled with love beyond anything I could have imagined
Dreams came true
Laughter filled the air
Trips were taken
My heart is overflowing with love

LOVE dug deep into me
Pulling things out I never expected
It tested me
Took me to the edge
And forced me to fly

I have so many beautiful memories from the year
It was hard to get them down to ten little minutes
I hope you enjoy taking a journey with me
As I look back on my year filled with LOVE

1 comment:

Lisa Gonzalez said...

I love love love this!! You are such a love magnet :) I'm happy you have so much of it in your life.