Monday, January 23, 2012

Wish Studios delight

Life has a way of weaving magic into the most expecting places.  When it happens your heart fills with joy. A smile shines from your face.  And gratitude overflows from your heart.  This is exactly what happened to me last week. 

An adventure brought me into NYC to see Jonatha Brooke play at Lincoln Center with some inspiring women I met through squam.  (More about this coming soon).  But for some reason that night the universe was holding a delightful surprise up it's sleeve.  Mindy Tsonas from Wish Studios was also there and we got to meet in person.  It was lovely. 

If you haven't stopped by Wish Studios yet I highly recommend you jump on over.  Mindy has created a spaced filled with so much inspiration and life.  Your heart will surely fill up.  It truly reflects how she is in person.  Kindness and smiles swirl around her.  I admire all that she is creating at Wish Studios. 

And today is my lucky day.  Mindy has shared a piece of my writing about navigating how to begin on the Wish Studios site.  Please stop by to check it out.  I am soaring with delight.  My heart is filled with gratitude for the individuals who nudge me to put myself out there and also the individuals who so graciously open up their hands to my words.  Thank you.  

What magic is swirling around in your world today?


rachel awes said...

woo hooooo, jennifer!
your poem is gorgeous
(per usual) ;)
lovelove xoxox

jill nalette said...

beautiful words over on the wishstudio blog. you have a beautiful soul!
hugs and smiles~ jill

Ella said...

Congrats Jennifer! I am so happy for you! You have such insight and so many gifts to share! Keep going on this path~ :D