Friday, January 06, 2012

each of us, adding something

I was never one to be the class clown.  I never yearned for the attention of all eyes on me.  I am quiet and reserved, soaking in everything that is going on around me.  I am an introvert.  An extreme amount of socalizing can tire me out.  I sometimes find small talk difficult to engage in.

In a room full of people this can be difficult to navigate through.  A roller coaster ride of emotions washing over me.  The deamons quietly creep in shouting there dark words, making me feel like I do not fit in, have nothing to offer, am all alone.  These deamons make me fight to see the truth.      

Each of us plays an intregal part in this world.  Our presence in a room alone enhances the feeling of a place.  We all are a part of what is happening.  Each of us feeding off of the other.  The class clowns make the group laugh.  The quite reserved individuals provide strength and stability.  Each of it is necessary for the balance of the situatuion. 

Together we need to ward off those deamons when they try to sneak it.  Because exactly who we are is exaclty who we need to be.  We are never standing alone.  When you are standing with a group of people, even when nothing is said, you are stading together.  There is strength in coming together.  In showing up and bringing yourself to the table.  Each of us adds our own little flavor to the group.  Combined together we create a  beautiful recepie. 

My quiet calmness brings peace to a room.  No words need to be said, the calmness pours out of my spirit.  I am learning how to embrace this.  To understand that this is exaclty what I am meant for.  Being the center of attention makes me uncomfortable.  I do not need to force myself into the spotlight.  I can simple breath deeply, feel the energy, and quietly connect with those around me.  What ingredients do you add to this world recepie?


Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Jennifer, i love your calm deep soothing energy and all that it brings to my table.... But I also adore your beautiful smile, your clear laugh, the way your hand moves to touch in comfort..... You are pretty much all that is needed at my table this beautiful Friday morning. You and your wisdom give so much to so many. Blessing you today!

patrice longmire said...

Oh Jennifer... The above comment was from me.. Your follower... patrice....

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

I am just like you, an introvert and quiet in social situations. I try to embrace it but every once in a while those daemons rear their ugly heads.

elizabeth said...

You are so right. Your presence brings peace and comfort and a deeper sense of rootedness and grounding and connection. That is powerful magic - and very much needed.