Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We all just want to be seen and heard
To be able to express when we are hurting
When we feel pain
When we are suffering
We want to be able to share our story
So that we can release it into the world
Freeing ourselves from the shackles 
that have been holding us back
We want to know that we are not alone
And feel the comfort of another individuals understanding
We need to stand along side each other
So that we can lean on one another when we are weak
And help each other along on our journey's
As human beings we thrive on connection
And accomplish great things when we are together


Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

Standing together, connection, sharing our burdens.....all part of the human experience. So glad to be experiencing it with you.

Kolleen said...

yes...."accomplish great things when we are together"

i am so happy and beyond grateful for my connection with you....my wise beautiful writer friend!!!!

i love you dearly

Gloria said...

i love this.... I am so going to copy it into my little cant wait to see you journal.. Jen I am so excited that our paths will cross again.. I miss your being and your smile. You are always in my heart

artistaprilcole@gmail.com said...

Love it. Such a wonderful collection of words to bring "together".