Sunday, April 17, 2011

I was hesitant to even begin
Because I knew what could happen when I did
I knew the road that I had potential to travel down
The twist and turns that could arise
The dead ends that I might face
Oh man, was I hesitant
Fearful even, of taking that step into this known sea of instability
I thought I was doing good
Taking all necessary precautions
Devising a plan to protect me on this journey
But there are some things you simply cannot prepare for
And like they say, all best plans usually fall to the way side
So now I am just looking for a way to slip out into the night
Unnoticed, unscathed
Erasing all memories
Reseting myself back to the way I was before


yogiknitgirl said...

Sending love to my precious friend on a Sunday morning, your words are truly from the heart and written so beautifully.

Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

Oh Jen. These gorgeous words make me want to hug you.

beth said...

oh jen....i think i know what this means and good god you have one of the strongest hearts i've ever seen....

Kolleen said...

wrapping my arms tightly around you.
holding the space for you and all you are feeling.

i love you my friend.