Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thank you

I was hesitant to talk to you about it
I thought your honesty would bring me down
You know the questions to ask
The ones that dig deep
Bring out the words I do not know how to express
So I held back for awhile
Afraid of how it would all unfold
Unsure of even what to say
But these past few weeks
You have surprised me
So understanding and non judgmental
I was not expecting that
I was preparing for battle
Preparing for the hard questions
The ones I do not have the answers to
Thank you
For taking it all in
Asking me the questions that make me think
Force me to speak from the heart
Thank you for being patient
When I struggle to find the words
And talk in circles
I am so grateful for you
The way you challenge me
And how you still show up when I struggle
You are a gift to me

2 comments: said...

Thank you for such beautiful words. This one has touched my heart, I needed this more than you will ever know!!

yogiknitgirl said...

The comfort of your words astound me. I loved reading this in early morning. Wonderful way to start my day. Your heart is so open wide.