Friday, April 29, 2011

be you

All you have to do today
Is show up
and try your best
That's it
You do not have to impress anyone
You do not have to do it all
You do not have to hold back tears, if you feel like crying
All you have to do
Is just be you


rachel awes said...

love from
my you
your you.

Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

Thank you for this, Jen. I just adore you and your magical way of using words to comfort my heart.

Happy Friday. Love you!

mindy lacefield said...

very well said. thank you dear girl. love you! xoxo

Dyche Designs said...

Those are the best kind of days.

kelly barton said...

kind of needed this permission today. so thanks.

Gloria said...

Ok so I am getting this tattoo d on me...this is so powerful.. I love it.. Thank you

Kolleen said...

i love this.
perfectly written by YOU!


Anonymous said...

thank you ♥

yogiknitgirl said...

Thank you for giving me permission to just be me! Sometimes it is a hard thing to do! Your post is beautiful and I needed it today!