Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my stars

When I look up
I see
All these sparkling stars
Shining down on me
In my darkest nights
They guide me home
Lead me to saftey
And tuck me in tight

These glistening stars
Hold my hand
Dry my tears
And make sure everything is alright

Spread all across the sky
These stars shine down on me
Always reminding me I am not alone

They shine so brilliantly
Making me smile
Bringing laughter to my heart
And lifting me up

Thank you stars
for looking down on me
For knowing when I needed you
Even though I never said a word

Thank you for holding the space
Letting me just be
And thank you for not letting me lose my way

I do not know what I would do without all of you!


chrissy said...

your poem has just left me with tears on my cheeks.
you, my girl, are wise beyond your years and so wonderful, brave and extremely talented.
go soar little one.
(my mom always called me that, it's a term of endearment in my book)
i love you tons.

beth said...

oh sweetie....how are you doing ?
my heart aches with your words.....

elizabeth said...

tears on my cheeks too.

how are you, miss jennifer? sending lots of love your way.

patty said...

Next time I look up in the sky and see stars - after all these blasted storms have run their course - I will think of you and wish love upon you!!

Kolleen said...

sending you all my loves and hugs and kisses!!!

"thank you for holding the space
letting me just be".......

love you much sweet one!