Saturday, January 09, 2010

back to me

I am going back to me
To discover and enjoy all that unfolds before me
To stand tall in who I am
Smile for the good things
And embrace all the beauty that surrounds me
I am taking that first step
And I am not looking back
I am going back to me
Back to where I deserve to be


lensustogether said...

and I love you for doing that !

did you pick a word yet for the year? I think it's right there, written on your chest....

you don't need to look any further....

be BRAVE BRAVE and run like the wind !

lensustogether said...

that should not be len us together.....YIKES....wrong to fix a big problem....

it's me beth

liz elayne lamoreux said...

beautiful words.
yes, yes, yes.
going back to yourself.
love this my brave, beautiful friend.


Mel said...

wonderful, absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE it.

marilyn said...

"To stand tall in who I am" brave strong powerful and loving words for your heart and soul. good on, jennifer, good on. peace and love

Mindy Lacefield said...

what a powerful image! so serene and vulnerable, yet powerful. this took me back and gave me those little goosebumps. i'm there now. thank you :-)

love you girl

deb did it said...

beautiful, strong, brave photo. GO THERE, do not pass go...Just be!

elizabeth said...

I love this.

What Deb said: beautiful strong brave. :)