Sunday, January 10, 2010


Manzanita, Oregon

I have been trying to come up with my word for 2010.
The one word I want to manifest for the entire year.
The one word that speaks to my heart and calls directly to me.

After January 1st I struggled to find this word.
I felt lost and unsure of myself.
But today I am standing on a more solid ground.

Connect is my word for 2010

Connect with myself
Get back to who I am and put myself out there in the world
Connect with nature
Feel the inspiration that is out there and let it come into my soul
Connect with my family
Get to know them on a more intimate level
Connect with a creative tribe
Dig knee deep into inspiration and be truly seen
Connect with love
Feel what it really means to be loved

What is your word for 2010?


beth said...

well it was patience....
but kurva keeps calling me !!!

Anonymous said...


I want to bring joy, live joyfully, want my family to be full of joy, the things I do should bring me joy, I want to gift joy... joy!

patty said...

Love your word because it came from the heart and you have already thought of the ways it will impact your life! LOVE the creative tribe idea and love the photo - great memories!!
My word is JustBe (see how I cleverly molded 2 words into 1??)As in being fully present in every aspect of my life. It has already made a difference!!

chrissy said...

oh jennifer.
i needed to see that you had written those 2 posts over the weekend.
you are brave. i love that photo, like mindy, it brought me back to manzanita.
i also love your word...connect.
i feel that from you when we text or comment.
i love you for that.
stand tall.

elizabeth said...

joy :)

I love your word - and your ideas about what it means to you. May your year be full of connection!

Alison said... connect with you!
Been missing your words and messages in the bottle ;-)

Happy to see you here burning brightly...