Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Fort Myers, FL

I invite you to come on in
sit down
Open up your heart
and dream
Listen to what it is that is truly calling you
there is so much possibility
Go ahead
Dream big
Dream a little bigger
Stretch your mind
Stretch your heart
Feel all the goodness that comes
from dreaming


beth said...

now I need to stretch my body too....can we do yoga next ?

Kolleen said...

love you Jennifer!!!

love the way you write.
love your words.


patty said...

I need that reminder - just about every day it seems like. Thank you for being you!!

elizabeth said...

I really have trouble with the "stretch your mind" part. It is a very good thing I am taking this course.

chrissy said...

that is wonderful.
mondo beyondo?
you are SOOOO talented and i love you.