Thursday, February 05, 2009

Photo Exploration Day Three


The winter is bringing me down.  
Pushing me through this bitter cold and dragging me through the snow, making my little toes freeze.  
It is terrible, simply terrible. 
I have been trying to rev up my creativity by using my camera.  
Taking it out, snapping away, opening my eyes to the beautiful things that surround me.
However my heart and soul are longing, crying, screaming for the sun to shine and for  warmth to envelope my body. 
I need to flick the switch over and turn on the light in my heart again.  

I pushed myself to get out to today
I had the day off and just wanted to lay under the warm covers all day.
But I pushed, and pushed and made my way to the bookstore.
It was nice to roam, to look, to explore.
I plopped the camera on the floor, trying to look at my life through a different angle.
It was a challenge for me.  
To use my camera in such a public place with people around.  In a place where you normally wouldn't be snapping photos.  
I didn't take many, but it felt good to put myself out there.  
To not worry about what others were thinking, and just do it.  Just be in the moment and take the photo.  

I need to continue to push myself.  
To put myself out there.
To be brave and strong.
I need to spread my wings and fly.  

1 comment:

beth said...

way to push yourself !...but I know that feeling well ! least today the sun is blinding me already and it looks like it will be that way all weekend, too !

{what bookstore were you I tried to do pics one day at barnes and they swarmed me saying NO pictures in any way, shape or form were allowed inside...and the same thing happened at anthropologie, but I took one anyway when nobody was looking at ran out of the store !!}