Monday, March 18, 2013

what you may not know about me

What you may not know about me is:

* I love flying on an airplane and waiting in airports
* I am terrified of basements
* I have to take care of the spiders around here because someone else is terrified of them
* I dream vividly when I sleep
* I tear up easily and my eyes tell the truth of my story without me even speaking a single word
* I am madly and deeply in love
* I want to inspire others
* I adore my family and enjoy every moment we spend together
* I am a traveler at heart
* I dream of riding my bicycle across the united states
* I want to speak spanish fluently
* I am terrible at reading maps
* I like finding my own way

And what about you?  Tell me a few things about you that I may not know.


Kathryn said...

What you may not know about me is:

* I hate flying and airports, they stress me out.
* I too dream vividly and can remember most of my dreams.
* I used to sleep in my brothers room as a kid whenever there was a spider in my room. I also used to pull my bed away from the wall and do a spider check each night.
* I too tear up easily and am super emotional (a blessing and a curse).
* I am a;sp terrible at reading maps and can even get lost with a GPS!

Katie said...

We have so many of the same. I love take off on a plane. I love when they person next to you is scared and sometimes even put their hand on you w/o noticing it in their fear. I love random touches from strangers---not creepy ones-ha!- but those little things. Sitting on a train and the person next to you falls asleep and their leg relaxes and rests up against yours.
I am afraid of balloons in cars (like it's a grenade that may go off!)
Great post!

beth said...

i am so happy for you....being in love is the greatest gift of all !!!

Kristine said...

I loved this post, Jennifer - I am going through your list and seeing how many of mine are the same ...

*Enjoy flying
*Love my family
*Terrified of basements
*I cry easily now
*I am madly and deeply in love
*I want to inspire others
*I am a traveler at heart
*I like finding my own way

Here are a few of mine ...
*Love Royal Purple
*I played the accordion as a kid
*I love getting my nails done
*I love being casual - Jeans Girl
*I love frogs & ladybugs
*Love Chic Flicks
*I am quite sarcastic
*I would like to learn guitar
*I love the written word
*Math is not my strong suit
*Love Red Wine

So fun learning about others!
~Kristine ox