Tuesday, March 19, 2013

letters across the miles

With each letter I receive from you I see more and more how much we are alike.  Where I live there is a pond in the complex and Dustin and I go there often to feed the ducks and take photographs.  It is so peaceful and I just love that we are able to walk right over. 

Winter is being resilant this year.  We had another snow storm last night that left a few inches on the ground.  The rain seems to be starting now so it may be washed up before the day ends, but it is a good reminder that we never know what is on the horizon in life.  Each corner we turn there is a new unexpected journey. 

I love that you met your new neighbor.  Have you had the opporutnity to have coffee with her yet?  It is so wonderful when those unexpected moments happen in life.  This past weekend a couple of my friends and I gathered around and created.  We each bring what ever we are working on, spread the art supplies on the table and dive into deep converstaion that gets the creative juices flowing.  It is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.   

As we were gathered together I was dying to tell them about some big news.  I wrote an article that is coming out in Somerset Life.  Every time I went to go tell them the fear monsters started shouting...."what if it doesn't get published, what if it doesn't get published, don't embarress yourself and say something until you see it."  So I held the news tucked away into my pocket until yesterday.  In between work at the office and work in the resturant I stopped at the mail box.  As soon as I opened that little silver door I saw it and instantly new it was the magazine. 

Oh my goodness Kristine I am so incredibly excited. This is a dream come true for me.  I was shaking as I opened up the magazine.  I started shouting and dancing around my home.  I was in complete shock.  The article looks more beautiful than I ever imagined it would and I can't belive this dream actually came true.  

I am a firm beliver in stating our dreams and then going after them.  If we never speak them the universe never knows we want them.  It was a few years back when is stated this dream and today it came true.  What is a dream that you have that you would love to see come true?

Sending you so much love!  Happy letters across the miles Tuesday. 



michelle gd said...

wonderful news...congratulations!!!!

Ella said...

Happy, happy for you Jennifer! I am dancing and cheering for you~ ;D

You rock! @>----------
Sending you a big grin and virtual confetti!!!! Cheers to you <3