Sunday, February 17, 2013

warrior canine connection visit

I have been honored to spend some time at the Warrior Canine Connection (WCC).  An organization dedicated to teaching Service Men and Women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder the skill of training mobility service dogs to be partnered with Veterans with mobility impairments.  The organization believes whole heartedly in the healing power of the human-animal bond.

The work that Molly and Rick are doing is incredibly inspiring.  They have dedicated their whole lives to this cause and are changing the lives of Veterans, Soldiers, and all the individuals who watch along through the live Puppy Cam.  A countless number of individuals also come through the center to pet the new puppys before they go off to be trained with the soldiers.  This helps the pups get acclimated to human interactions.

The whole program was run out of the home of Rick and Molly until recently.  A special letter was sent to Home Depot asking for donations to help renovate the Garage.  Home Depot went above and beyond and renovated the entire garage to create an Enrichment Center and provide more room for the pups to romp around.

Everything about this program is inspiring.  And the individuals who run it are full of heart and love for their work.  It is amazing to see in person.

If you have a moment check out the Puppy Cam, but I must warn may become addicted to it.   And if you are in the Maryland area I advise you to book an appointment to check out these precious pups and meet them in person.

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mindy said...

it's so amazing and wonderful what people can do to lift another's life (and dogs too ;) xo