Monday, February 04, 2013

the writer

Being a writer can be a lonely adventure
Sitting solo on the bench
Entering through door to the coffee shop alone
Sitting with your thoughts by your side
Pen and paper your only company

The camaraderie of brainstorming with others
Creating together in a group
Laughing and giggling as it all unfolds
This rarely occurs for the writer
There work must be done alone

At times it can feel daunting
Sad and terrifying
Wondering if all this sweat and tears is for anything
Inner demons creeping in
And taking over

It can be a struggle to start
Words swirling in your head
But coming out all wrong on paper
The emotion is there
But the means to pull it out has disappeared

The writer must struggle through
Show up day after day after day
Fighting their way through
Sifting through the nonsense
Drilling down to the heart in the words

From on lookers it may seem torturous
They wonder why the writer continues to show up
Why do they not choose something where they do not have to be alone
They do not realize that within that solitude hearts heal
Minds expand and gold flows from their fingertips

There are brief moments when a writer is transported
Words flowing that she did not even know where there
For that moment the world around her disappears
She is deep in this other place, this different time, this lost world
And this makes it all worth it


Donna Wynn (Yogiknitgirl) said...

Your written words spoke to my heart . . . writing is a way of life. I love reading your words over and over again my friend.

michelle gd said...

wonderful thoughts on writing and being a writer...the solitude healing, the mind expanding, the fingertips flowing with gold...yes.