Wednesday, February 27, 2013

gentle spirit

Gentle spirit
Shining a light
Leading the way

Gentle spirit
Unafraid to take the leap
Reaching out
Holding hands
Encouraging others to fly

Gentle spirit
Showing up
Heart on her sleeve
Sharing the world

Gentle spirit
Quiet and big
Kind and powerful
Gentle and strong
Rooted deeply in the earth

Gentle spirit
Reflecting back to you how beautiful you are
Nudging your forward
Guiding you home
Working together to infuse kindness into the world


Kathryn said...


Kristine said...

Beautiful Words, Jennifer - I so enjoy your work - Your poetry - Your photography - Your words - So fun to have a friend enjoying these aspects of life, as I do ... I cannot wait to get outdoors again - In the sun and fresh air - To write, to read, to sit with a nice glass of lemonade - Love switching over the cabinet items - From hot chocolate to lemonade etc - Brings me great joy - Coming into a new season!
~Kristine ox